Wednesday, February 19, 2014

post surgery update | "thanks to The Lord"

"He's doing so well! I don't see any problems here!"
We kept hearing this news over and over today from all the doctors and nurses checking in on Steve. 

Today he took several walks up and down the hall of the ICU. And we could see little sparks of his sarcasm coming out.

In the midst of all the great progress it is still tough to see him struggle to get a few mouthed words out or to get a few minutes of sleep as he deals with a new normal with no eye and over 200 stitches.  Steve mention he feels like he is living in slow motion and time is just crawling by. As tough as it to see him in this state we know it's by Gods grace he is with us today. 

There's been talk of getting his trach removed within the next week and possibly moving to another room out if the ICU for the remainder of the hospital stay. 

So thankfully there is not too much to update from today - the recovery is going as planned. The doctors and nurses are very happy and in the exact words of Steve from today "Thanks to The Lord!"

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  1. We continue to pray and are so thankful for Steve's recovery....please give them our love....Dave and Valerie Wilson